• Alexa Groat

7 Ways to Wear Button-Downs

Button-Downs are staple in fall fashion, and the best part is that there are so many ways to style them. The classic, one button.

Source: Instagram As a dress, wear an oversized button-up. You can pair it with boots, heels or tennis shoes.

Source: Instagram The half-tuck, tuck in your button up on one side and allow the other side to be laid flat over your bottoms of choice.

Source: Instagram Tied, there are a few ways to do this but my favorite way is to button the middle two buttons, take one bottom side and pull it through the middle of the buttons, do this again with the other side and then pull tight and you have a cute and easy tie look. Watch a tutorial here.

Source: Instagram Off-the-shoulder, button from the bottom up, and stop about halfway up. Then, pull the sleeves over your shoulders to create a fun, sexy, creative look.

Source: Instagram Open tuck, having the top completely unbuttoned but tucked in with a lace bralette or basic tank underneath is always a hit.

Source: Instagram The basic tuck, tucked in all the way around with your favorite pair of pants or skirt.

Source: Instagram