• Alexa Groat

Things Every 20-Something Should Have In Their Purse

Besides the essentials (wallet, keys, lip gloss), there are 3 absolutely crucial things that every 20-something needs in their purse at all times.

  1. Hand sanitizer: Germs are so gross lol. I love keeping a quality hand sanitizer in my purse for any occasion.

  2. A pair of oversize, dark sunglasses: It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you will never be upset that you brought them. They can be used to protect your eyes from the sun, to hide from people, cover your hungover eyes from the world, or even just to make yourself feel like a badass, secret spy on a random Tuesday.

  3. Tampons: For obvious reasons but I will still explain. Whether or not it’s your time of the month, it is crucial to keep a tampon in your purse. You never know when you may need it. Remember when Carrie and Samantha were trying to get into the new restaurant, Balzac, and the hostess was all “sorry, you’re not on the list” until she ran into Carrie in the bathroom and desperately needed a tampon. It’s all about connections, baby.

  4. Oh, and a business card! You never know when and where you might run into an important networking opportunity.

Honorable mentions: hand sanitizer, gum, floss, perfume, AirPods, hair tie/clip, and phone charger.

Another honorable mention is condoms. Keep your safety in your own hands, ladies.